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911 : Frameup on Humanity- Updates (Issue 11/08)
Posted by admin on 2004/11/8 14:46:41 (3 reads)

Frameup on Humanity- Updates (Issue November 8th)

(from 911skeptics.blogspot.com)


Eric Rainbowlt from 911exposed.com thinks, that next week is threatened by "masonic codes", and 11/9 possibly "chosen for a new staged terror in multiple US cities".


911truthla.us, who organised the recent event, "Solving the 9-11 Crime —A Citizens Grand Jury”, compiled now their findings in some reports. One official summary was presented here, another speaker Christopher Bollyn, wrote a summary about this event.
Also, Indian news portal Onlypunjab seemed to be one of the rare mainstream media outlets, which mentioned the event on their website... (more...)

9/11 was an Inside Job Meetups

Last week, for the 3rd time, this "progressive international version" of the 9/11 meetups took place. I had no time, to show up in New York, at Union Place, and i'm also not aware of any other international input. The original 9/11 questions meetups will take place in the next two weeks.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Just one day before the election, Dean Schabner (ABC) thought, it's important to bash the latest 9/11 truth projects, reopen911.org, and the Spitzer complaint of 911truth.org. Interesting timing, though:
"...More than three years after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the skeptics are still out there, and despite a massive government investigation into the causes, threats and government response, in the final days before the presidential election, the doubters have been making more noise..."


In my belief, the anthrax attack was part of the original idea of the Sep11th attack, which clearly shows, that it was scripted from within the U.S., with help of Insiders of Fort Detrick.
It's also interesting, that Bio·ONE™, who recently "finished" the fumigation of the anthrax-contaminated former American Media, Inc., belongs to former NY mayor Rudy Guiliani, himself also tied to some shady business deals about West Nile Vaccines in 1998, one year before the outbreak.
Last week, VaxGen and BioPort received a contract for new Anthrax Vaccines.
A quick check into the history of BioPort should make you think...

Armstrong, Antoinette

I had no time, to follow up on this odd story yet, but how is it possible, that Antoinette Armstrong, who is mentioned in this article, had received "hundreds of thousands of dollars from a settlement" because her brother died in a 9/11-related plane crash.
What was this "9/11-related plane crash"?

I found only one "Armstrong", Michael J. Armstrong, in the victim's lists, but he died officially in the Twin Towers.
Can anyone help out with this mystery?

Avery, Dylan

Video Producer Dylan Avery ("Loose Change"), also member of the Washington 9/11 Questions- and Insidejob Meetups, was last week guest at WING TV.

Baker, Jeremy

Jeremy Baker, author of Serendipity, sent this weekend an essay around, to point out, that "a second Bush term is opportunity, not crisis for the 9/11 movement."
Here is an excerpt:
"...I believe, and have said so many times before, that a republican victory in 2004 may not be the disaster that it seems and may, in fact, allow us the protracted opportunity to pursue justice for those who fell victim to 9/11 and the Bushites and finish the job that we spent so much of 2004 beginning.
With W and his minions still tight under the spotlight we can deprive our friendly fascist of the chance to ride off on their gold plated saddles into an oily Texas sunset..."


Dan Parry, ironically of "Dangerous Films", is planning a "BBC 9-11 Documentary", to mark the fifth anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001.
This major film was described as a co-production with US and European TV networks.

Made by the producers of "D-Day" (Discovery Channel, June 2004), "the film will use actors to bring to life some of the heroism and horror that was to change the lives of thousands of people."

Possibly, someone should forward some investigative thoughts to the producer.
He can be contacted at dan@dangerous.co.uk

Bin Ladin, Usama

I'm meanwhile interested, where the ISI always get their stand-in actors for former CIA payroll buddy Usama Bin Laden, better known as Osama the fat and skinny.
The latest UBL seems to be a flip-flopper as well:

"I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have

been carried out by individuals with their own motivation..."
(Bin Laden, Al-Jazeera satellite channel, Guardian, September 17, 2001)

Former U.S. anchorman Walter Cronkite thinks, that Karl Rove, "the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man ... probably set up bin Laden to this thing."

B-M-S Catastrophe

This company was a new name for me. Last week, Team4News KGBT4 wrote, that Fort Worth, Texas-based B-M-S Catastrophe, also helped "clean up at the Pentagon after the September eleventh attack". I was only aware of AMEC Plc.
More about the famous "controlled cleanup" here.

Buchanan, John

On October 14th, former 9/11 Truth Candidate, John Buchanan held a speech in Sacramento.
A video is now available at Sir Dave's website vestigialconscience.com.


Currently unconfirmed, apparently last week, CNN showed either a clip of Dave v. Kleist's documentary or possibly the Jimmy Walter's ad. The info came from a correspondent in Thailand, forwarded to PrezinExile, who tries now to figure out, which CNN show included the clips, which included Tom Clancy speaking and "demanding further investigation of WTC-other witnesses quoting
such as Firemen saying definite explosions ans controlled demolition".
This scene also appeared in v.Kleist's documentary.

Darkanzali, Mamoun

Some weeks ago, Mamoun Darkazanli, was arrested in Germany. He also was invited to testify at Mounir El Motassadeq's trial, but then refused last week.
Only german press reported so far about his story, but doesn't really reveal, that Darkanzali constantly visited with the alleged Sep11th hijackers Mohamed Atta, Marwan Al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah, the same Hamburg mosque.
According to John Crewsdon of Chicago Tribune and german DER STERN, in 1999, CIA officer Thomas Volz was seeking to turn Darkazanli into a spy. Atta was on a watchlist of German Intelligence since 1998, Darkanzali as well. However, both FBI and CIA ignored Darkanzali after Sep11th.

I finally reached Crewsdon on the phone last week. He was aware of Volz, though he never mentioned him in his articles with full name. I asked him, if he wanted to give an interview to INN World Report about this oppressed story, but he's not allowed to do so. I hope now, he might release some new articles about Darkanzali.

Douglas, Bill

Bill Douglas, founder of 9/11 Visibility, was last week in Las Vegas, according to close correspondents, "interviewing people with surprising insights".
Subjects discussed include election fraud, 9/11, and Iraq.
A five minute Las Vegas QT video can be viewed on Jan Hoyer's website.

Elgindy, Amr Ibrahim

The story about recently arrested broker Anthony Elgindy, is getting only slowly attention.
Elgindy attracted attention because of a prosecutor's suggestion at the time of his arrest in May 2002 that Elgindy might have had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks...
Here is a summary about his trial and background information.


Fellowship911 is a parody on Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, in which he now interviews "prominent fundamentalist wizard, Gandalf the Gray". It's time to laugh again :)

Gassaway, Ron

Portland activist Ron Gassaway continues with his collection of 9/11 Research Sources

Giuliani, Rudolph

"NecessaryOnslaught" forwarded me this article, about Rudy Giuliani's attempt to hide some important documents, right after Sep11th:

"...Our concern is based on the following facts, as we understand them. On or about December 24, 2001, Commissioner George Rios, on behalf of the City of New York and/or the Department of Records and Information Services of the City of New York, entered into a contract with the Rudolph W. Giuliani Center for Urban Affairs Inc., signed by Saul Cohen, President, concerning the records of the mayoralty of Rudolph Giuliani. The records are said to include appointment books, cabinet meeting audiotapes, e-mails, telephone logs, advance and briefing memos, correspondence, transition materials, and private schedules, as well as Mr. Giuliani’s departmental, travel, event, subject, and Gracie Mansion files.

Giuliani's "World Trade Center files" and "Millennium Project files," together with 6000 files of photographs, 1000 audiotapes, and 15,000 videotapes, are also reported to be a part of the records covered by the contract. In addition, the records include those of his chief of staff and every deputy mayor, together with their chiefs of staff. Finally, gifts such as plaques, awards, personalized clothing, and other items presented to the mayor and deputy mayors, as well as World Trade Center-related materials are alleged to be included as part of the records. All of these items were reported to have been delivered from the control of the City to a warehouse storage facility in Long Island City at the end of December 2001."

Hagman, Larry

This seems to be a cute off-topic issue, but many wonder, where i got my nickname "ewing2001" from.
It's actually indeed inspired by the 80s drama show "Dallas", which reunited their cast this weekend on CBS. On another note, i once bookmarked a remark by Larry Hagman, who played the famous "J.R.", who said, that his character was less evil than George Bush.
I also would like to add, that "ewing oil" seemed to be less harmless than Halliburton :)


Yet another mainstream article about unsolved questions regarding 9/11, this time on Pakistan's popular portal, HiPakistan:
What did Bush know and when did he know it?

INN World Report

After almost 2.5 years, the news show around producer Lenny Charles and Tom Kiely, shut down last friday. Recent attempts, to find a new fundraiser, to continue the daily show on FSTV, stranded.
If nothing happens within the next two weeks, it's also possible that the studio will be closed or concentrate on longform documentaries.
One of their most successful features and ongoing reports focussed on 9/11 research- and activism.
Among their interview guests had been Cynthia McKinney, Michael Meacher, Michael Elliott (911review.org), also activists from 911truth.org, PHASE I and II, 911 Citizens Watch, ny911truth or Carol Brouillet.
Furthermore they had Karen Kwiatkowski, Sibel Edmonds, 9/11 truth candidates John Buchanan and Craig Hill in their show, plus some 9/11 family members.
The final week included interviews with Jimmy Walter and a trailer of the documentaries of Anthony Hilder. Another interview special with author Webster Tarpley, pre-recorded last week, had no chance to appear on the screens anymore. Any inquiries please to goatwerkz@aol.com

Jersey Girls

"...The women who campaigned for Kerry are exhausted, disappointed and frustrated. They wonder why they were unable to get their message across. They said Bush stonewalled the creation of the Sept. 11 Commission after the attacks and has not acted fast enough to turn the commission's recommendations into law. They believe the war in Iraq alienated the country from the rest of the world, and has not made us safer.

"It is a hard thing to let go of," (Mindy) Kleinberg said. "We know we need reforms to make us safe, but when we have been fight-ing against the same people for three years, you have to make a conscious decision if you want to keep hitting your head against a wall."

Leonard, John

Former "War on Freedom" publisher John Leonard, was last week mentioned in an article of the Sydney Herald, referring to his "conspiracy theory newsletters relating to the September 11 attacks".
David Williams, the author of the article, also mentioned what kind of "radical stuff" Leonard usually prints:
"...one photocopied sheet of paper says Bush is lying when he tells America that Islamic terrorists carried out the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001.
No evidence had been produced of this assumed fact, www.ny911truth.org said; the passenger lists didn't contain a single hijacker or Arab name and many of the named hijackers were "still alive". A Gore Vidal book claims the hijackers trained at US army camps, among other things..."

Loughrey, Scott

Scott Loughrey, columnist of Baltimore Chronicle, and member of 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance, opened now an own blog "News_Junkie", at Yahoo Groups, with mirrors at Baltimore IndyMedia.

McKinney, Cynthia

Clearly one of the election winners of the 9/11 Truth Movement.
On November 1st, she co-authored the article "Day of the dead", together with Catherine Austin-Fitts, then after the election, she gave an interview on local TV News and used her acceptance speech to say that Bush knew about 9/11 before the attack.

Moore, Michael

Michael Moore, producer of "Fahrenheit 9/11" is obviously not interested anymore, to beat Bush, with some half-truths of his documentary. Right after the election, also ignoring the obvious voter fraud, he only released a list of 17 reasons why Americans should not to slit their "wrists over Bush's re-election to a second term".

This didn't help this poor guy from Georgia, who killed himself at Ground Zero, New York.
Maybe Moore should better next time put some real smoking guns into his documentaries, to force n an arrestment of this government, not just an election, which is rigged anyway.

New York Post

Independent from the Outcome of the Election, U.S. Mainstream media continues to reflect the input of 9/11 truth activists. Recently, reports had been released at Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ABC, NY1, C|Span/Montpellier News (Craig Hill), SF Chronicle, Philly News, Boulder Weekly, Stanford Daily and twice in the Washington Post.

Finally now also NY POST, with the "help" of Sam Smith, tried to "discredit" some 9/11 truth activists, but helped to promote the movement.
We should hire Smith as a new spokesman for 9/11 truth :)
(ed 11/08: I just learned, that Smith is a well-known activist and author in the DC area, Source: John Judge)

In NY POST's Sunday edition, Smith, writes about Jimmy Walter, who "believes the attacks were financially motivated, putting military spending into the Pentagon and Halliburton and insurance money into WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein's pockets...
Walter says planes did fly into the towers, but they were most likely drones.
He bases his theories on a self-published book, "Painful Questions," which references photos and videos to make its claims of planted explosives and nonexistent planes..."


A longer, unspectacular article about NORAD, which also includes their behavior on Sep11th, interestingly reveals, that controversial General Eberhardt, "stepped down as head of Northern Command and -NORAD on Friday".


Unimpressed from the outcome of the U.S. election, ny911truth, continued with their public screenings of educative 9/11 research. On Sunday, their event "9/11 Unreported" also included a panel discussion with Mike Kane, to "expose the Official Deception of 9/11".

Okinawa 9/11 Truth

Noel from London 9/11 Skeptics, informed me about one japanese correspondent, who told him, that he's taking the "911 In Plane Site" film all over Japan and showing it wherever possible, usually at some small town hall. As Noel wrote, he "went to Okinawa last month where the biggest American base in Japan is situated and showed that film to 28 American soldiers in a bar there. After watching the film,all of the soldiers said they would quit army. At the moment around 300 copies of "In Plane Site" are circulating in the American base in Okinawa and one of them has gone to other base in Japan..."

Pentagon Plane

Three "9/11 skeptics" who no longer believe the "no plane at Pentagon" analysis:
Jim Hoffman, Mark Robinowitz and G. Edward Griffin

Ruppert, Mike

Mike Ruppert's latest book promotion interview at TUC Radio, is now archived here, he also followed last week, as a guest at the Mike Malloy Show.
Last week, Ruppert was also mentioned on the Gossip page of Washington Post:

Ruppert also released his thoughts about the outcome of the U.S. election:
"...There will be no successful suits over this election. The courts are rigged and lawyers are sea anchors. As I predicted a week after 9/11, every lawsuit since filed has been derailed, morphed, sidetracked or sabotaged from within..."

Solving 9/11

The "Solving 9/11" series, which recently started in L.A., continued last week in San Francisco.
Ralph Schoenman, Michael Dietrich, Jim Hoffman and Don Paul had been amomg the speakers.
I couldn't find a review yet, maybe someone can post a review at IndyBay?

Tarpley, Webster Griffin

Webster Tarpley will finally release his new book, "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA", at Progressive Press.
Last week, Tarpley continued a promotion tour at Maria Heller.

Tenet, George

Probably nothing but disinformation will come out, in George Tenet's forthcoming book, which is expected to be released by late '05 or early '06 anyway.


Total411.info refreshed last week our knowledge about the so called Kerry 9/11 connection.
The story is actually a continuation of an election plant from march 2004, by Drudge Report, popular female blogger Wonkette and WorldNetDaily.

The original story goes like this:
"...Brian Sullivan, a retired special agent from the Boston area, advised John Kerry in a May 7, 2001, letter that Logan was ripe for a "jihad" suicide operation possibly involving "a coordinated attack." He cited serious breaches at Logan security checkpoints exposed by an undercover investigation he and another former agent helped a Boston TV news station conduct.

Sullivan says he had a copy of the undercover videotape hand-delivered to Kerry's office.

It turns out the person who delivered it was a senior FAA agent in Washington who's now with the Transportation Security Administration. The agent, Bogdan Dzakovic, headed covert testing of airport security across the country before TSA took over aviation security from FAA after 9-11.

In an exclusive interview, he says he gave the tape to Jamie Wise, a Kerry staffer at the time.

After the office visit, "I received no feedback from anyone there," Dzakovic told WorldNetDaily..."

Total411 spins it now in that way, with additional information of Cloak & Dagger Internet Radio correspondent Tom Heneghen, who revealed that Kerry's office was also "key to purchasing the airplane tickets" for some alleged 9/11 hijackers and their associates.
According to Heneghen, the key player in the Kerry office behind the purchases was someone named Alexandra Pollier, who recently "denied", that she had a relationship with Kerry.

The Cloak & Dagger team further report that working with Kerry's office on the highjacker-ticket issue was Bonesman former Sen. David Boren, and the University of Oklahoma he heads.

This reminds me of another, i have to confess, more vague, "Kerry-9/11 connection":
In the late 90s, Kerry didn't intervene in a business scheme of AIG International, which was involved in Boston's construction project "Big Dig".

In 2000, Kerry blocked a legislation aimed to close this loophole that had allowed the insurer to divert millions of federal dollars from the project.

Maurice Raymond Greenberg, CEO of AIG, is member of the elite establishment.
The father of one of his Deputy Chairmans, Frank G. Wisner, Jr., was co-founder of the CIA.

In September 2001, AIG paid an some travel expenses to cover Kerry's costs for a speech in Burlington, Vt.

A few months later in December 2001, several AIG executives gave maximum $1,000 donations to Kerry's Senate campaign on the same day. The donations totaled $9,700 and were followed by several thousand dollars more over the next two years.

In between, AIG's own company Kroll Associates, organised a security job at the Twin Towers, for former ex-FBI anti terror chief John O'Neill, with the help of their former employee, and ex-OEM head of New York, Jerome Hauer, who brokered a deadly deal: O'Neill died in his first week of his new job.

Kroll and AIG, meanwhile belong to U.S. insurance giant Marsh & McLennan, which is involved in a major investigation in bid rigging and price fixing.
Kroll also had their own problems.
Only 2 weeks ago, their brazilian offices had been visited by police, which arrested five employees in an investigation into allegations of illegal spying.

Ubinger, Ray

Ray Ubinger is indeed up to something. On his website, hosted at Webfairy, he presents a 3-4-second segment, which shows a pedestrian reaction to the FIRST hit of the Towers at the same INSTANT the first hit happened.
Now carefully think twice.
This proves indeed, the Naudet Brothers had some foreknowledge -- the foreknowledge "required to have had a second camera up and running at 8:46 a.m., AWAITING the initial crowd reaction to the event which was ABOUT TO occur".

It takes at least 30-60 seconds, to properly install a tripod with a camera. Even if it was a handset camera, it must have been a second one, because the angle was somewhere else.
However, i recall from the documentary, that Jules' brother Gedeon didn't even assist him to show up at this ominous "gas leak". Who then, operated this camera?

There is another indication at the end of their documentary, when BOTH brothers are filmed together. They must have had an assistant.

Winn, Ronn

9/11 Researcher Ron Winn reminded me of some oddities around Flight 11 and the FAA protocol about alleged shot passenger Daniel Lewin, who himself was a former Israeli intelligence agent.

Officially, it was alleged hijacker and pilot, Satam Al Suqami, who shot Lewin.
The major dispute is, of course, that according to the protocol, this happened at 9:20am but Flight
11 had crashed at 8:46.
This could point on a different flight, which was part of an anti-terror drill.

However, it was also Satam Al Suqami's ID, which was found near the WTC rubble, actually in front of WTC 7, on Vesey Street.

The 9/11 report ignored these details.

Winn argues, that once Suqami's name was reported on a "hijacked plane" in an event at 9:20, since the plane itself could not be associated with the north tower, then it must have been Al Suqami that had to be associated with the north tower..."

Makes sense to me. Question is still, who exactly told ex-FBI agent Barry Mawn (also a good friend of John O'Neill), where to look, who classified this ID?


Last friday, WING TV had Fintan Dunne, from breakfornews.com, in their show.
Next week, they will present two more 9/11 researchers, on Thursday Michael Elliott (9/11 Review.org) and on Friday, pilot Ralph Omholt ("Contributing Editor Defense Watch")

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