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Latest updates:
Mar 26: four ICDC members in Tikrit
Mar 24: translator for Time magazine in Baghdad
Mar 24: police chief in Musayyab
Mar 23: three in gunfight following bomb in Fallujah
Mar 23: two at Iraqi army base, Mosul
Mar 23: two police in Kirkuk
Mar 16: woman translator in al-Muthanna, Mosul
Mar 17: ICDC member by bomb in Mosul
Mar 15: four American missionaries in Mosul
Mar 18: three television journalists in Kanaan, nr. Baquba
Mar 22: member of security forces in Mosul
Mar 23: nine police and recruits near Mussayab
Mar 21: interpreter with military patrol, Abu Ghraib, Baghdad
Mar 18: three by car bomb outside hotel in Basra
Mar 16: two accompanying water engineers in Mussayab
Mar 10: two women laundry-workers in Basra
Mar 11: relatives of Sunni Muslim cleric in Baghdad
Mar 11: security guard at Qubaysi mosque, Baghdad
Mar 13: shop owner by bomb in Baghdad
Mar 15: city councillor and bodyguard in Kirkuk
Mar 09: translator in Abu Gharaq, near Karbala
Mar 08: three by 'stray bullets' in Kirkuk
Mar 11: one by roadside bomb in Fallujah
Mar 09: four police in Nasiriyah
Mar 05: translator and family in car in Baghdad
Mar 08: worshipper by grenade in Talabia mosque, Baghdad
Mar 08: one by mortar round in Ejba, near Mosul
Mar 08: local councillor in Mosul
Mar 07: Sunni Muslim cleric in Hay al-Shurta, Baghdad
Mar 04: three in car by rocket attack, al Aalam, Baghdad
Mar 03: telephone exchange worker by rocket in Baghdad
Feb 29: one in vehicle passing convoy in Rumaythah
Feb 23: 8-9 at Rahimawa police station, Kirkuk
Feb 29: one policeman in Al-Qadissiyah, Kirkuk
Feb 26: policeman by bomb in Baqubah
Feb 23 or 25: woman video seller in Basra



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World Oil Reserves: Iraq = 10%

Cheney Engergy Task Force Document




"The goals of our coalition are clear and limited."




Iraq's WMD Only on Paper (Washington Post)Newshour with Jim Lehrer, May 29, 2003

Time Magazine: Untruth & Consequences


"We end a brutal regime, whose aggression and weapons of mass destruction make it a unique threat to the world."





Iraq people loot a police station in Baghdad. (Reuters)

Looters give the thumbs up to marines in Baghdad who have been reluctant to police the city. (BBC)

U.S. Soldiers Liberate a Door From Its Gold


"Coalition forces will help maintain law and order so that Iraqis can live in security."





Iraqis look at a huge hole in a Falluja mosque reportedly caused by a U.S. missile or bomb. (Islam Online)

A U.S. soldier frisks an Iraqi woman.


"We will respect your great religious traditions, whose principles of equality and compassion are essential to Iraqi's future."






A "Humanitarian Daily Rations" PacketA cluster bomblet


"We are taking unprecedented measures to spare the lives of innocent Iraqi citizens..."







U.S. Forces Detain "Terrorists", Young and OldIraqis wait at a U.S. checkpoint


"You will be free..."








-- George W. Bush, address the people of Iraq, April 10, 2003