Retired from service in 1992, the Whale is still flying missions for Hughes Aircraft, which has a fleet of over a dozen A-3s used for various tests of missile systems and other classified projects.

Powered by 2 - Allison J33-A-31


The XSSM-A-3 was powered by an Allison J33-A-31 turbojet, and launched from a rocket-powered sled. It had a radio-command guidance system, and was controlled in flight by commands from a DB-45 director aircraft. The XSSM-A-3 could be recovered with the help of a skid-type landing gear and a drag chute.



Cruise: Allison J33-A-41; 23 kN (5200 lb)
Booster: Thiokol solid-fuel rocket; 430 kN (97000 lb)

With current technology, making any of these UAV, precision accuracy with GPS and GPS ground adjustment stations would not be a feat; would in fact be rather routine.

The key is that component in the FEMA photo.

Look at it and pay attention to these photos first is front of Global Hawk jet engine and second the Allison J33:

Wrong diameter.

This is an Allison J33 turbojet. Note the part in right of photo and compare to FEMA photo. Right diameter.

There is no comparable part on a CF-6 General Electric engine that we are aware of at this time.

CF6-80 GP7000